Partners in 4Days

Unique and strong together
The partners in the 4Days Foundation combine over thirty years of experience worldwide. Together they cover a wide range of sectors, fulfilling a great variety of professional roles within these sectors. What holds true for all of them, is their rootedness in the world of international business.

In the 4days Foundation, the domains of international business, export & trade, politics & (international) diplomacy, administration, education and culture all are combined and used to ensure the best results for clients and project partners. All partners perform a wide range of international activities; they play a range of different roles on the world stage.

It is their cooperation within the 4Days Foundation (with its imprints 4Days International, 4Days for Consulting and 4Days for Coaching) that makes the partners Karin Winkelman, Antje Melissen, Han van der Zwan and Eryk Verhagen unique and strong.

Scope of experience
To give you an idea of ​​the scope of their activities and experience:

  • Global responsibility for business development, marketing and communications within various multinationals
  • The establishment of dealer channels for corporates around the world.
  • The development and organization of commercial outbound and inbound trade missions (Europe, Latin America, Africa).
  • Development of trade routes (import/export, creation of sustainable chains) for Dutch SMEs and large enterprises on various continents and in various markets.
  • The development and implementation of the international B2B program for the Netherlands during the World Expo Milan (2015)
  • Event Marketing and fundraising in the cultural world.
  • Administrative positions within the government (education and science), civil society and international diplomacy.
  • The establishment and management of several Foundations aimed at strengthening (female) entrepreneurship worldwide (Netherlands, Peru, Bolivia, Kenya, South Africa)

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