The 4Days Foundation encourages and expands global cross-border business. 4Days was founded in 2009 as an independent foundation by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs with a broad and varied international knowledge and experience.

4Days International encourages and supports entrepreneurs in expanding cross-border business globally.

Exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences will help to discern Europe’s future.
The Foundation believes this investment will form a valuable contribution to the continuity and expansion of entrepreneurship globally.

4Days International implements dialogues and debates as a means to measure the sustainability of economic and social models in respect to entrepreneurship.

4Days for Consulting supports Dutch companies to build their international businesses worldwide.

4Days for Coaching offers companies that have established themselves in the Netherlands guidance on practices and networks in the Netherlands.

4Days Foundation
Zeelandstraat 74
1082 CA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

More information: info@4days-international.com