Dialogues on Europe’s economic future

In the first half of 2013 the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands commissioned 4Days International (then 4Days for Europe) to organize six dialogues on behalf of the Dutch public under the title: Dutch Economic Touch. Political spokespersons as well as representatives of government, industry, education and media were invited to express their opinions.

The subjects of the six sessions originated from two pillars:

The New Economic Agenda
The three pivotal issues in the agenda of the European Commission: surveillance, the quest for a stable euro zone and the SGP (stability and growth pact) for sustainable management of finances by the EU countries.

Growth and solidarity
Growth and solidarity are the keywords of the five ‘Europe 2020’ targets. Central are a higher education level, a lesser degree of social exclusion and poverty, more jobs, more innovation and more economic and greener growth.
In order for these topics to embed firmly in Dutch society, 4D4E turned to specific partners who could not only support the chosen subjects, but who would also benefit by implementing their own expertise. These four partners were ABN AMRO in Rotterdam, Rabobank in Utrecht, the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam and Randstad in Diemen.

Thanks to the hospitality of these four partners, the commitment and know-how of the speakers and last but not least the input of the public, these expert meetings managed to put Europe in a whole new Dutch perspective. Be it past, present or future-wise.

Dutch Proof Points as outcome
These so-called ‘Dutch Proof Points’ are defined in the edition Dutch Economic Touch. They serve as proof of effective dialogue and can be used to support constructive European storytelling as well as implementation of the new economic agenda. The texts are not directed but recorded as they were pronounced: sometimes critical, sometimes affectionately, sometimes bearing a warning, sometimes expressed as a wish. But always honest and straight from the heart.